ms brumley

The Oklahoma Association of Secondary School Principals (OASSP) and the Oklahoma Middle Level Education Association (OMLEA) are pleased to announce Michelle Brumley of Chouteau Middle School as the Middle Level Principal of the Year. Brumley will be recognized at the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA) Summer Leadership Conference this June.

During her twelve years as principal at Chouteau Middle School, Brumley has led efforts to increase student well-being and academic growth.  As part of tight-knit rural community with 226 students, grades 5-8, the school utilizes a CARE (Coordinating Available Resources in Education) team where teachers can make referrals for concerns with academic, behavior, emotional, physical, or extra-curricular needs.

“Ms. Brumley is a tireless leader whose passion for learning and vision for her students is lived out every day at Chouteau Middle School,” said Lori Helton, superintendent at Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools. “The impact of her leadership is apparent in all aspects of school life. From academic growth and student leadership to seeking opportunities for her students and staff to succeed, Ms. Brumley seeks continuous improvement of her team. We are so fortunate to have her at Chouteau Middle School as a part of our leadership team at the district.”

Chouteau Middle School also utilizes a program for teachers to log both positive and negative student behaviors to help with the identification of students who need to be celebrated or supported. Students are each designated an academic pathway to work on their individual needs as well as working to improve their fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, stamina, and motivation in reading. As a result, student achievement has seen marked improvements during Brumley’s tenure. Ms. Brumley also invites parents to call, email, or message her directly for any assistance they might be needing for their student(s).

“I am humbled to be selected as the OASSP/OMLEA Oklahoma Middle Level Principal of the Year,” said Brumley. “Chouteau Middle School has a dedicated team of educators, and together, we strive to create the best opportunities possible for our students. It is a true honor to receive this award, and I share this recognition with all the teachers, support staff, and students who I have had the privilege of working with in the Chouteau-Mazie community.”

Dr. Pam Deering, CCOSA executive director said, “Michelle Brumley builds trusting relationships with students, teachers and families. With her attention to ensuring strong learning environments and rewarding positive behaviors, teachers and students feel inspired to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. Congratulations to Ms. Brumley as the OASSP/OMLEA Middle School Principal of the year. We love her growth mindset for student success.”

Bobbie Morgan, a teacher at Choteau Middle School, explained, “In my opinion, if Ms. Brumley has a soft spot, it would be in the area of Special Education. She makes sure the students are not overlooked, attends IEPs, orders special furniture, and expects them to learn to meet the expectations set for them. If she can make the student feel cared for and special she does with a bright smile.”

“Michelle Brumley leads from the heart,” said William Parker, OASSP/OMLEA executive director. “The role of a principal is pivotal for student success, and Ms. Brumley exemplifies how hardworking principals across the state are helping their schools by focusing on both academics and emotional well-being of students. Her passion for reaching all students has nurtured an environment of continuous growth at her school.”

In addition to being recognized at the CCOSA Summer Leadership Conference, Ms. Brumley’s award will include attendance at one of the national conferences for secondary principals in 2021-2022.