For the beginning of the second semester on April 1, 2023, Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools has openings for the following number of transfer students by site:

School Year 2022-23


Chouteau ECC-PK: 0

Mazie-PK: 2

Chouteau ECC-K: 11

Mazie-K: 1

Chouteau ECC-1st: 2

Mazie -1st: 2

Chouteau ES-2nd: 11

Mazie-2nd: 3

Chouteau ES-3rd: 5

Mazie-3rd: 3

Chouteau ES-4th: 5

Mazie-4th: 2

Chouteau MS-5th: 17

Mazie-5th: 3

Chouteau MS-6th: 1

Mazie-6th: 2

Chouteau MS-7th: 5

Mazie-7th: 7

Chouteau MS-8th: 9

Mazie-8th: 3

Chouteau HS-9th: 5

Chouteau HS-10th: 10

Chouteau HS-11th: 11

Chouteau HS 12th: 6

For more information about making a student transfer request to Chouteau-Mazie Public Schools, please call the administration office at: 918-476-8376, ext. 112. 

Click here for the Oklahoma State Department of Education Open Transfer Application

District Transfer Additional Information

Parent's Guide to Transfers FAQ

If you are unable to print these forms, one can be provided for you at the administration Office.