Elementary STEM Lab

Incorporating STEM classes into the daily schedule at Chouteau Elementary has quickly become a huge hit with not only the students, but with the teacher. Mrs. Hokit was excited to be able to teach in the new lab and to work with the students on projects that allow them to think critically, create, and work as a team. Sometimes the lab becomes a noisy place. "The excitement of the students working on their activities is what creates the biggest noise level," Mrs. Hokit said. 

Second through fifth graders enjoy learning in the STEM lab. "Each group has their own dynamic and works well with the projects assigned to them on their level," Hokit said," "but they are all equally excited to come to the lab."

The lab is set up in stations that the students rotate to throughout the school year. Tinkercad, using the 3D printer is fun for students, but robotics is the favorite. "Since orientation the students have been most excited about working with any of the robots" Hokit said. 

Whether students are learning about robotics, video production, 3D printing, or any of the other areas they are motivated to create and collaborate. The best part about the new lab for Mrs. Hokit has been seeing how self motivated the students are.