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HS Tech RFP 2015

All bids must be submitted on/before 3/31/2015
submit to

This RFP contains 4 sections: Networking Equipment, LAN Cabling, Security Cameras, and Paging Components.

For each line item, I will designate the minimum quantity to be purchased.  Each item will need to be priced on a per item basis.  Once the bids are selected, I may adjust the quantity to be purchased.  However, I will never adjust below the minimum quantity specified.  For example, if the minimum number of internal cameras is listed as 20.  I may, depending on budget, instead purchase 22.  

Each section should be treated as an individual bid.  Depending on budgeting adjustments, some sections may not be purchased.  However, each section approved will be complete.  All line items listed will be purchased at the minimum quantity specified.

The last item of this bid summary will include the option to submit a discounted all inclusive price for the entire project.  However, we reserve the option to increase quantities on any line item at the price specified within the line item budgets.  For example, if a vendor is awarded the total project, we may increase the number of cameras purchased over the minimum quantity listed, but will do so at the price listed for the line item under the security camera section.

Substitutions on any product make are allowable, but should be of equal or better quality than the make listed, and should be accompanied with a specification sheet included in the bid proposal.

Each bid should include all applicable software, licensing fees, and warranty specifications.  

Each bid must include the Bid sheet provided below.

New HS Technology Bid Sheet